Discover Distribution Transformer Insights You Didn't Know Were Possible 

Book your 15-minute  demo today 
and see how you can use data to unlock O&M savings.
Book Your 15-Minute Demo Today 
and see how to unlock O&M savings.

Redefining Grid Monitoring

The UbiGrid DTM+ is the industry's first LTE-based grid sensor that provides remote diagnostics and proactive transformer monitoring.

Real-time analytics helps technology-savvy utilities proactively respond to distribution challenges, prevent power outages and reduce operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses. 

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Leveraging LTE  for Edge Visibility 

The UbiGrid DTM+ sensor leverages public or private LTE networks already in place to provide real-time data for better performance and decisions. This removes the need to deploy another communications network. 

Failure prediction and prevention is reliable and accessible thanks to the real-time health analytics and alerts communicated over the cloud to our data management platform.

Simple Install

Installs in minutes 

One platform for pole and pad mount transformers 

Across a wide range of transformer sizes and manufacturers

Reduce O&M Costs

Transformer efficiency across manufacturers

Minimize truck rolls

Improved inventory management

Real-time AI & Analytics

Load and phase imbalance

Shorts in winding

Power theft

Oscillography on both primary and secondary

360-degree Visibility

Physical: oil pressure/temperature, tilt and vibration

Electrical: secondary voltage current, primary current