Public Safety and Street Lighting Infrastructure

Download the Northeast Group whitepaper

Download the whitepaper

Opportunities for Improving Quality of Life

City managers, law enforcement personnel and other stakeholders struggle with how to improve public safety and quality of life in their communities. What may surprise many of them is that street lighting  represents a huge, largely untapped opportunity. This white paper looks at how pairing streetlighting with integrated video and sensor solutions can be a linchpin of public safety.

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Simple Install

Plugs into photocell socket  

Install in seconds

Data in minutes 

PoE port for 3rd party devices  

Wi-Fi 6 AP

Tri-band industrial AP 

12 omni-directional antennas 

Mesh 4 units with 1 backhaul 

Supports 1,024 connections 

Edge Analytics

8-core neural AI processor 

Dual directional microphones 

Dual 4K cameras 

15 days video storage 

Use Cases

Traffic analytics 

Street analytics 

Public safety analytics 

Video streaming 


Industry's First Smart City Platform for Public Safety