Lighting Control Economics

Download the Cost Savings Analysis

Download the Cost Savings Analysis

Powerful savings start right away 

A city with 90,000 streetlights saved more than $44 million over 15 years while making a positive impact on the climate, by reducing CO2 gases by over 90,000 tons. 

Check out other scenarios in this Cost Savings Analysis to see how much a city can save when they implement lighting controls as part of their LED conversion.

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Simple Install

Installs in seconds and data in minutes  

Compatible with all streetlights 

No network to build 

Integrated smart city sensors 

Energy, O&M Costs

20-40% reduction in energy costs 

Smart lighting schedules 

Intelligent dimming  

More efficient repairs and maintenance 

Asset Management

Fixture and pole details 

High accuracy GIS  

Real-time notifications 

Revenue-grade energy usage for billing 

Cloud Management

Unlimited levels to organize assets  

Unlimited lighting schedules  

Unlimited number of alerts 

Real-time reporting and analytics 


Lighting control in seconds with UbiCell